How DO you plan your classroom?

making students visible using a student centred approach

Is it heresy to not begin planning with the curriculum, specifically state mandated? I run a student-centered classroom, so the curriculum is never my starting point! Here’s my 5-step classroom planning process I use to put my students front and centre of their learning.

The Secret Ingredient

differentiation's secret ingredient at

I love that scene in Kung Fu Panda. It is the end of the movie, and the team, including Po, have just defeated Tai Lung the fearsome snow leopard. Po is about to leave the village when his adoptive father,…

When not all students learn

When differentiation doesn't work

Did you ever have a time when differentiating your classroom didn’t work? Yes, it happens. Sometimes there are times when it appears that ‘differentiation failed’. I want to share you my story. A tale about two young lads. Now, I…

45 Years

45 Years

The Arrival. 45 years ago I landed as an non-English speaking immigrant in Australia. I wish my teacher had had access to the Teaching learning cycle to support my learning in the classroom. The It is very useful in supporting the learning of NESB students either as a group or within the context of mainstream instruction.