About Kairos

Welcome to Kairos Consultancy and Training. Kairos is a Greek word, meaning literally an ‘opportunity’ or ‘a propitious moment for decision or action’. Your visit here has the potential to change how you do education or think about teaching and…

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Our award winning Principal Consultant can help you with a broad range of consulting services. An experienced and highly effective education analyst, Karin has a particularly passion for teaching and learning initiatives in Education. These may include pedagogical, technological or business analytics.…

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Karin Oerlemans

As the principle consultant at Kairos, Karin Oerlemans, shares a little about herself and her passion and journey. Q: Tell us a little about your philosophy of education. Karin: I am passionate about education. My philosophy of education is the…

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Update your teaching and learning knowledge and improve the learning outcomes of your students

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“Karin is a woman of intellect and integrity, she has an innate ability to draw out the best in colleagues and co workers, caring more about the end results of a project than who received the credit. Her depth of knowledge and experience make her invaluable when confronted with problems for which out of the box thinking is required.”


“Karin has an extensive understanding of theory, policy and practice and is equally adept at leading change, managing change and contributing to change. A gifted educator she is able to transfer what she knows to new and differing contexts both within and outside the educational sector. Her capacity for strategic thought and planning and commitment to excellence makes her an invaluable organisational asset.”