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“Karin is a woman of intellect and integrity, she has an innate ability to draw out the best in colleagues and co workers, caring more about the end results of a project than who received the credit. Her depth of knowledge and experience make her invaluable when confronted with problems for which out of the box thinking is required.” Hayley Ayers-Findlay, President, HBLN (WA)

“Karin is an exceptionally gifted educator and educational leader. She has an extensive understanding of theory, policy and practice and is equally adept at leading change, managing change and contributing to change. These attributes make her an invaluable member of any team. Whilst a gifted educator she is multi-skilled and able to transfer and apply what she knows to new and differing contexts both within and outside the educational sector. Her capacity for strategic thought and planning and commitment to excellence makes her an invaluable colleague and organisational asset”, Ric Peterson, Principal Calvin Christian School, Tasmania.

“Karin is a highly competent administator and has investigated and recommended many strategies for improvement in the school’s operational processes. She has reviewed and re-written a business development plan according to her findings. She has contributed greatly to the life of the school during her time at Calvin Christian School. She is a great person to work with and always reliable”, Ali Stam, Dean of Staff and Student Support, Calvin Christian School, Tasmania.

“Karin was an outstanding strategic thinker and collaborative planner who contributed enourmously to taking the project forward in an extremely positive direction creating a firm foundation for future years”, Ruth Radford,Principal Project Leader, Department of Education Tasmania