Read the testimonials from the wonderful people I have had the privilege to work with in the past, colleagues on research and other projects, and associates whom I have met along the journey.

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“At the University of the South Pacific, our centre for flexible learning team was awarded a grant by the Vanuatu Policing and Justice Program to develop a program for the flexible delivery of the diploma in policing management for Vanuatu Police Probationary Officers. The goal of the program was to maximise flexibility for recruits to be able to undertake highly modularised skills-based assessments at a pace that suited their professional and family commitments.
Dr Karin Oerlemanswas contracted to lead the project on behalf of USP.

“Dr. Oerlemans executed this project entirely remotely due to the border closures in Vanuatu and Fiji at the time. She managed to work with the team at USP despite the unreliable internet connection and occasional language issues. Her patience and understanding of the cultural context in which she was working gave us great confidence that her contribution to the project would deliver a successful outcome.

Karin was an effective and efficient operator who was a pleasure to work with.

Dr. Andrew MacKenzie
Hon.Senior Lecturer ANU Fenner School
Director, Emalus Campus
The University of the South Pacific

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“I have no hesitation to recommend Karin and would continue to work with her if the project presented itself.

Karin was engaged by our client to Project management the deployment, training, implementation of their Training Management System.

Karin was able to quickly understand the needs of the business, through arguably being able to communicate clearly and effectively to bring the project back on track. As the project lead, she was able to communicate the clients’ visions and articulate the project’s goal in a way that everyone could grasp for themselves, quickly and easily.

Karin was able to problem solve all the clients’ issues and work with the Bluegem team to meet the needs of the business, the team expectations for a final solution that now meets the business needs of the client and Karin has successfully handed over the project.”

Lynne Cozzi, Director, Bluegem Software (2017-19)

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“I strongly recommend Dr. Karin Oerlemans, and her work related to teaching and learning, virtual learning environments, blended and online learning, curriculum development, accreditations, and related topics.

With a broad experience in teaching and learning that ranges from primary and secondary schools to higher education, Karin was instrumental for curriculum development in the UC Architecture and Design programs, especially in view of national and professional accreditations.

With a strong IT background, Karin personally mentored me to make my Virtual Learning Environments more user-friendly for our students.

I have worked with Karin in different projects, and she has always been a very systematic, responsible, organized and assertive colleague and mentor, while also being very collegial and fun to work with. Karin is a thoughtful critical thinker and very committed academic and researcher.”

Dr. Carlos Alberto Montana-Hoyos

Founding Associate Professor and Assistant Dean – Dubai Institute of Design & Innovation (2013-15)

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“Karin is a woman of intellect and integrity, she has an innate ability to draw out the best in colleagues and co workers, caring more about the end results of a project than who received the credit. Her depth of knowledge and experience make her invaluable when confronted with problems for which out of the box thinking is required.”

Hayley Ayers-Findlay, President, HBLN (WA) (2004-13)

“Karin is an exceptionally gifted educator and educational leader. She has an extensive understanding of theory, policy and practice and is equally adept at leading change, managing change and contributing to change. These attributes make her an invaluable member of any team. Whilst a gifted educator she is multi-skilled and able to transfer and apply what she knows to new and differing contexts both within and outside the educational sector. Her capacity for strategic thought and planning and commitment to excellence makes her an invaluable colleague and organizational asset”,

Ric Peterson, Principal Calvin Christian School, Tasmania. (2010-12)

“Karin is a highly competent administrator and has investigated and recommended many strategies for improvement in the school’s operational processes. She has reviewed and re-written a business development plan according to her findings. She has contributed greatly to the life of the school during her time at Calvin Christian School. She is a great person to work with and always reliable”,

Ali Stam, Dean of Staff and Student Support, Calvin Christian School, Tasmania. (2012)

“Karin was an outstanding strategic thinker and collaborative planner who contributed enormously to taking the project forward in an extremely positive direction creating a firm foundation for future years”,

Ruth Radford, Principal Project Leader, Department of Education Tasmania 2008-2010

“One particular aspect of Karin’s commitment and professionalism I would like to highlight has been her willingness to explore, embrace and share her expertise in teaching in an online environment. Moving to this new medium of teaching and learning has been a challenge for all of us, and particularly myself whose technological knowledge was very limited. Karin has been my mentor and my colleague constantly supporting, encouraging and challenging me to experiment, explore and transform my teaching knowledge to fit creatively within the online environment. Throughout the time I have worked with Karin I have constantly sought her advice not only in the area of online learning but also in areas of authentic and criterion-referenced assessment. I am inspired and empowered by the depth and breadth of her knowledge and above her generosity and willingness to share this knowledge, not just with students but also with colleagues”.

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Maureen Innes. Lecturer in Visual and Performing Arts, University of Tasmania (2008-2010)