Presentation for the SAFFIRE Showcase November 21, 2013.

I asked a lecturer, Keith Lyons, retiring from the University of Canberra, to present at a showcase on what is doable in embedding elearning practices in Higher Education. I asked Keith as his work is disruptive, he likes to break the spaces that bind students to their place. Using students as co-produsers (spelling deliberate – see his presentation below) he works as a transformative facilitator of learning. I have previously described a transformative mode of delivery as a mode where teaching  and learning (content, instructional strategies, communication and assessment) is conceptualised in alternative ways, as designed by the course developer and / or the students. Keith lives this in his teaching, so that the learning becomes transformative, both in its delivery but also in how it is received by his students.

Keith was not able to attend but instead – and in keeping with our theme! send me this email. I include the text in full.

Dear Karin

I have posted a very brief (21 seconds) introduction at

I wonder if this might lead to this presentation: (4 minutes 23 seconds)

The students were produsers on this unit: (3 minutes 45 seconds)

I posted this about a Student Satisfaction comment:

My overall message: student engagement flourishes in an agnostic environment. I see a new pedagogy emerging that is blended by the facilitator. Increasingly, I believe the students are co-facilitators.

Best wishes


Transformative Practices in Higher Education

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