Epísis, meaning also. This section of the blog includes posts from the day to day events in an education context, not readily identified in one of the categories in the remainder of Musings menu. The immediate elements that make working in education so rewarding and exciting.

Accredited ONLINE PD

Accredited Online PD for Teachers!

Classroom Planning for Inclusion Supporting the learning needs of ALL students in your classroom Each day as teachers we are ...
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free measure and quote image

Free Measure & Quote

Call now - For an obligation free evaluation of YOUR classroom needs! Oh, if it were only so easy. Right? ...
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HERDSA 2017 Poster

We presented a Poster during the Welcome Reception at HERDSA 2017 Conference. To know more please read on. We invite ...
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The Truth about Wallpapering

How education policies are a bit like wallpaper You know those home makeover shows? Especially some of the British ones, ...
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The Coffee Principle of Differentiation

Yes, it is true - I drink a lot of coffee. And so, I also buy a lot of coffee ...
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debunking the dyson myth

De-bunking the Dyson Myth of Multiple Intelligences

So, my husband recently bought me a Dyson stick vacuum cleaner. And I must say, I am a little bit ...
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image of successful and graduating student

Successful! Classroom Planning

Classroom Planning with Success in Mind! In a recent classroom I had a student from a non-English speaking background, a student ...
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Creativity in the Classroom

Planning with William’s Model of Creative Thinking Bubbles everywhere! I walked up to the Year 6 students blowing bubbles with ...
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Maker Model of Differentiation

Dreaming of Differentiation

Making it Maker’s Model It’s the English teacher in me! I love alliteration. The deliberate play with words to create ...
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3 Ways of Using Bloom’s Taxonomy

One of the most commonly used taxonomies for understanding and planning education curricula, assessments and learning activities is Bloom’s Taxonomy ...
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