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This section of the blog draws on my time in, and my ongoing ties to the higher education sector. Blog posts here include information on recent publications, my work in higher education as a curriculum specialist, and information about how academics can use intentional planning of units of study, assessments, and courses, to improve the learning outcomes of their students.

HERDSA 2017 Poster

We presented a Poster during the Welcome Reception at HERDSA 2017 Conference. To know more please read on. We invite ...
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A Curriculum for Dammam

My colleague was in Denmark, 2016, and has presented the following conference paper, as part of a project on curriculum development ...
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ISSOTL 2015 Conference Paper

The following abstract on action research in design education covers a conference paper that was to have been presented at the recent ISSOTL ...
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ISSOTL 2015 Poster Presentation

My colleague, Dr. Janie Busby Grant, and I have been conducting some very interesting research into the use of Videos for ...
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Sharing past practice @ UC

Projects completed in the Faculty of Health, SAFFIRE 2013-14 The above SlideShare are the posters created for the final UC showcase, ...
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e-learning model

FIT: The Core Elements of Online Learning – A Prezi Presentation

FIT: The Core Elements of Online Learning - A Prezi Presentation This Prezi on the core elements of online learning - ...
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Transformative Practices in Higher Education

Presentation for the SAFFIRE Showcase November 21, 2013. I asked a lecturer, Keith Lyons, retiring from the University of Canberra, ...
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The Science Fair

One of the joys of working in a University environment, though one I suspect is no longer available, is the ...
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ePortfolios in Teacher Education

This paper was a Innovation Showcase presented by myself with Jenny Munday and Carole Hunter from Charles Sturt Univeristy. The ...
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An Innovative Pathway in Teacher Education

One of the joys I had when working at the University of Tasmania was to work as the liaison between ...
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