Intentionality, Technology and the Design Studios

Are you a design educator? Do you work in Higher Education? I am excited to share with you a recent ...
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HERDSA 2017 Poster – Come chat!

Come and visit our Poster presentation during the Welcome Reception at HERDSA 2017 conference. Exploring career aspirations and pathways for ...
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A Curriculum for Dammam

My colleague was in Denmark, 2016, and has presented the following conference paper, as part of a project on curriculum development ...
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ISSOTL 2015 Conference Paper

The following abstract on action research in design education covers a conference paper that was to have been presented at the recent ISSOTL ...
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ISSOTL 2015 Poster Presentation

My colleague, Dr. Janie Busby Grant, and I have been conducting some very interesting research into the use of Videos for ...
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e-learning model

Sharing past practice @ UC

Projects completed in the Faculty of Health, SAFFIRE 2013-14 The above SlideShare are the posters created for the final UC showcase, ...
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Adding another award to my collection

Well I know that the title is a bit boastful, but I rather like this award, which was for ...
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FIT: The Core Elements of Online Learning – A Prezi Presentation

FIT: The Core Elements of Online Learning - A Prezi Presentation This Prezi on the core elements of online learning - ...
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Transformative Practices in Higher Education

Presentation for the SAFFIRE Showcase November 21, 2013. I asked a lecturer, Keith Lyons, retiring from the University of Canberra, ...
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The Science Fair

One of the joys of working in a University environment, though one I suspect is no longer available, is the ...
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