How to begin. This journey started a year ago, when I finished my work at the University of Tasmania. A year to read and reflect and renew a sense of direction. And it has led me here a place to write my thoughts, my new beginnings and explore where they journey will take me. I want to begin my reflections with a quote from Chaim Potok’s book The Gift of Asher Lev:

“A man should spend at least one hour each day alone in a room or a field, engaged in secret dialogue with the Master of the Universe. And a man should think only of what he has to do for God that day, and it will not be too burdensome for him. All a man has in this world is the now, the day and the hour where he is, because tomorrow is an entirely different world.”

I want to reflect on where I have been this year, the dialogue’s I have had, my hours alone, my now. I have spend this year reading many interesting books, ranging from pedagogy to practice, novels, texts, philosophies and engaging paperbacks. I have read other people’s blogs, in education, in the arts, in politics, in management.

So let’s begin and see where these next years take me.

starry night

New Beginnings

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