Welcome to my Musings

This section of the website is my blog. Here I want to share my stories and experiences, but also all the things I have learned over time! My blog is divided into 3 sections.

K-12 Education

These are my stories from the classroom. The blog posts included here draw on my experiences in classrooms for over 30 years. These posts tell the story and my experiences as a ‘chalky’ and how I used intentional planning to support the learning of ALL students. Click on the link above to read more.

45 Years

The Arrival Using the Teaching Learning Cycle to support NESB students in the classroom 45 years ago, I arrived as an ...
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All about Assessment Rubrics

Water Colour Artist Fails Again! I have been teaching myself how to paint with water colours. Let me come right ...
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Higher Education

In this section of my blog, I put Higher Education in Focus, as I draw on my time in, and my ongoing ties to the higher education sector. Blog posts here include information on recent publications, my work in higher education as a curriculum specialist, and information about how academics can use intentional planning of units of study, assessments, and courses, to improve the learning outcomes of their students.

Co-creating Curriculum

We were pleased to present the following paper at the IAACS 6th World Curriculum Studies Conference 2018. Held at The ...
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Insights Into Academic Identities

We were pleased to present the following paper at the 6th INTERNATIONAL ACADEMIC IDENTITIES CONFERENCE (IAIC) 2018. Held at The ...
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Epísis, meaning also

This section of the blog includes posts from the day to day events in an education context, not readily identified in one of the categories in the remainder of Musings menu. The immediate elements that make working in education so rewarding and exciting. This section also includes some of the stories and experiences of my overseas travels, working in foreign education systems.

Gonski 2.0? Been there. Done that.

I have a confession. I have been in education for a long time now. I started my teaching journey in ...
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rediscovering learner agency

The ‘rediscovery?’ of Learner Agency

Learner agency: Navigating through a complex and uncertain world So reads one of the subheadings of the recent OECD paper, ...
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