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To update your teaching and learning knowledge & improve the academic outcomes of your students

kairos training

Are you a Classroom TeacherUniversity Academic? Home Educator? Kairos Training offers a variety of ONLINE or face-to-face professional learning opportunities, linked to the relevant standards, which can help you deliver a quality teaching and learning experience to your student. Kairos Consultancy & Training is about bringing tomorrow’s education, today!

Kairos Training is about helping educators change how they do education, equipping educators through professional development, challenging them to meet the learning needs of ALL students. Browse the course list below. For face-to-face delivery to small or large groups contact us directly. Or to complete one of the ONLINE and self-paced courses, click on the links to take you straight to our professional development training website.

Classroom Planning for Inclusion – Working with curriculum frameworks (link takes you to the online school)(Available NOW!)

In this fully accredited introductory course I take you through 3 key curriculum frameworks that can be used to support the learning of the students in your classroom. Each framework introduction takes about an hour to complete. Completing the course and BONUS workbook takes about 5 hours. The course is linked to the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers. In Australia you can log this as 5 hours of PD + reading time. Follow the link in the title to know more!

My education philosophy (Available NOW!)
This course, suitable for school teachers, tertiary academics, and home educators, sets you on your journey to understanding what you want to achieve in your teaching. In today’s busy world of education, preparing for teaching, applying for promotion in academia,or even for home school registration, one thing educators are often required to complete is their Educational or Teaching Philosophy Statement.

HELP! How do I write that? Where do I start? These are questions I frequently get asked. In this short course, based on the popular face-to-face workshops I deliver, I take you through the what, where, when, how and why of writing your beliefs about teaching and learning!

Developing a Higher Education Unit of Study(Available soon!) Constructive Alignment from Learning Outcomes to Assessment (or assessing what you actually want your students to learn!) In this course I show you how to write a course that gives your students a successful learning experience. From writing quality learning outcomes, linked through content, to constructively aligned assessment items. This course is linked to the UK Higher Education Professional Standards Framework.

Going deeper into Classroom Curriculum – This advanced course builds on the introductory Working with Curriculum Frameworks – More soon!

Curriculum Development for Higher Education – This advanced course shows you how you can develop a University course beginning with understanding your stakeholder requirements – more soon!